a 2 DVD set

How to get started in buying R.E.O.'s (Real Estate Owned by the lenders)



    * Reasons to buy Distressed
    * Structuring favorable terms
    * Causes of foreclosures
    * Timing the purchase
    * During the Publication period
    * Buying the loan
    * The trustee's sale
    * After the trustee's sale (REO)
    * Locating REO's
    * Realtors specializing in REO's
    * Computerized record services
    * REO internet resources

These DVDs feature Mr. William Mansfield, a former real estate appraiser who has been lecturing on Real Estate Appraisal and Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosures for the past 20 years.



      In addition to lecturing on real estate subjects at several local colleges, Mr. Mansfield also conducts educational courses providing requirements for licensing (may differ from state-to-state).
     The main purpose of these 2 DVDs is to provide the viewer with the basic principles involved in purchasing properties that have already been foreclosed on and are now owned by the bank. (R.E.O.s Real Estate Owned by the lender).
     A major stumbling block for most prospective R.E.O. purchasers is locating the properties, and in these programs you will learn how to find the bargains and how to go about investing in them.
     Dealing with lending institutions is a fine art, and this program will also help you to refine those skills.

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a 2-DVD set

How to get started in a very profitable business of your own

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* Aspects of the profession
* Scheduling practices
* Earnings to be realized
* Working with other appraisers
* The several steps and grades of Appraiser
* Education required for each step
* Experience required - and how to get it
* Building a client base
* Using 'Comps'
* Principle of 'Substitution'
* Using Appraisal Computer Software
* Principles of 'Best Use'

This DVD set is an introduction to Real Estate Appraisal, as taught by Mr. William B. Mansfield, a former real estate appraiser who has been lecturing on various real estate subjects for the past 15 years.


The main purpose of this particular program is to give the viewer an introduction to a very lucrative career

in Real Estate Appraisal, showing the basic principles that are involved in the actual practice, the types of education and experience required for licensing, the amounts of money that can be earned and how to develop a client base to build a fulfilling career that affords one not only the luxury of earnings that can be achieved, but also the time that can be enjoyed by selectively scheduling appointments.   (2½ hrs.)

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